Film guests



Have you thought, how they make different sounds in movies, that sometimes we do not even notice? Drops falling, various winds and cracks or a head exploding - all these special sounds are called foleys, made and created by masters of that kind of profession aka foley artists. Heikki Kossi is one of the most outstanding foley artists in the region, without whom almost any of the bigger Finnish film is really made and who also has worked with our own acknowledged filmmaker Veiko Õunpuu. Heikki Kossi arrives to HÕFF on Friday, 26th of April, when at 21:00 HOFF screens a British thriller BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, where Heikki worked as the foley artist.


Oscar Rojo got wide attention with his first feature film "Brutal Box", that toured around the world in many different festivals in 2011. HOFF is happy to have his second film OMNIVORES and host the world premiere here at HOFF. The film is screened at the festival on 27th of April at 19:00



Filmmaker Mike Mendez from LA gave his finger to the film devil already at the age of 10, when he made is first movies. By now, he also has made four feature films (“The Gravedancers”, “The Convent”, “Killers”) which all have found their way to various acknowledged film festivals, including Tribeca and Sundance. His fourth feature film "Mega Spider" is his first full breed digital baby and was premiered in USA at SXSW. Genre fans at HOFF see the film in Estonia right after its European premiere in Amsterdam. Mike Mendez and MEGA SPIDER at HOFF on Saturday, 27th of April at 21:00.


Fredrik S. Hana has churched out a great deal of short films and music video after his time in film school in Stavanger, Norway.  Together with his trusty crew, consisting of Christer B. Runde, Karl Andre Bru, Jan Erik Hagevold and Marius Lunde, he's managed to make lush genre films despite always working with a low budget. "Angst, Piss & Drid"  is their most recent work, showing nods to classics like "Maniac" and "Possession". Screening on 27th April at 18:45.



"I have been making short films since I was a little boy. Over the years I have made in excess over 14 short films which have been awarded prices in local Swedish film festivals. In 2009 I decided that it was time to take my hobby to another level and applied to the film production course at the and got in on the merit of my portfolio alone. I am now graduated and hold a BA (Hons) degree in film production. In 2011-2012 I shot two movies, the short film VERTICAL VILLAGE and a feature Drama suspense movie called I AM MY OWN (Jag Är Min Egen). Film is my passion, my love and my life." Screening on 26th April at 18:45.