Shopping Tour

Shopping-Tur / Russia / Finland, 2012
Dir: Mihhail Brashinski



„With limited carnage and modest special effects,“Shopping Tour“ is creepy comedy rather than full-throttle bloodbath“, Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

A group of Russian tourists go on a shopping tour to the neighboring Finland – only to be attacked by the Finnish cannibals. We focus on a middle-aged woman and her teenage son, who is filming the film – as we watch it – on his cell phone, as they are trying to survive in the land of vegetarians turned carnivores.

“Shopping tour” is a totally independent production, one among the first Russian “no-budgeters”, shot for $70 000 over a period of 11 days.


Length 1h 10'
Language Russian, Finnish
Subtitles ENG
Programme For Freaks
Genre comedy, horror

Fri, 26.04.

22:45 - Small Hall