Kill List

Kill List / UK, 2011
Dir: Ben Wheatley



The sensitive and unemployed Jay, a troubled veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, takes on a new job with his Irish mate Gal. But who is really the mysterious client of the two hitmen? With a “kill list” in their hands, they travel through England. During the day they do their work stoically, at night they stay in cheerless hotels.

„Visceral, sadistic, and realistic KILL LISTS’s heathen approach is similar to certain aspects of “The Wicker Man”. KILL LIST is an evil film in which director Ben Wheatley, clearly inspired by viral YouTube-clips, chooses to embrace, rather than shy away from violence. Wheatley’s gut-wrenching torture sequences put him in the same league as Pascal Laugier and Gaspar Noé.” – Stockholm Film Festival


Length 1h 32'
Language English
Programme In Focus: Ben Wheatley
Genre thriller, horror

Fri, 26.04.

19:00 - Big Hall