Sightseers / UK, 2012
Dir: Ben Wheatley



Ben Wheatly is one of the most outstanding directors from the new wave of genre directors. The last two films by him “Down Terrace” and “Kill List” both full of black humor, jet rather unsettling pieces of work, brought the English director to the genre world. 8th HOFF is happy to screen his last piece of work “Sightseers” where the director continues to explore the themes he is known for – characters who have little respect for human life, motives that have twists you can not see coming and ofcourse humor so black, that is sometimes difficult to embrace.

The main characters of the film Chris (Steve Oram) and his freshly found girlfriend Tina (Alice Lowe) go for a caravan vacation down in Yorkshire and elsewhere, but moving around in the deep end of the countryside, Tina soon enough finds out that the somewhat working class malcontent Chris, is actually a psychopath serial killer, who is more than annoyed by the irritating, bearded or gone fat lowlife of the countryside. Luckily the caravan is big enough to crush more than two people under its wheels and there is plenty of stones at the English countryside to pick up for crushing a skull. Tina, lived too long with her crippled mother and now being on a runaway, freshly met Chris, reacts to the overdose of fresh air, in a totally unexpected way.

Humor dark as the night, excellent work by the actors and well directed film, full of fun, jet somewhat grim world, makes “Sightseers”, premiered at Cannes Directors Fortnight, a wonderfully wit experience.  


Length 1h 28'
Language English
Programme In Focus: Ben Wheatley
Genre comedy, horror

Sun, 28.04.

12:00 - Big Hall