Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio / UK, 2012
Dir: Peter Strickland



European Film Academy honored Peter Strickland in 2009 for his film "Katalin Varga" with a prize for the best newcomer and the director has come to stay, as with his next film "Berberian Sound Studio" the man has also granted himself a British Independent Film Award.


The film, been in many festivals over the world, including the prestigious Toronto Film Festival, is a experience of its own, due the fact that a big part of the storyline of the film is told in its sound design, that is primary in the film, leaving the traditional visuals secondary, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.


Sound designer Gilderoy, played by the loved and always interesting Toby Jones („Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy“), is a quiet and humble man, who is used to order, his mother and moves he has made – nature documentaries of Ingland. A man, who is used to live with little, ends up in Italy, making a full sound design to a film called “Equestrian Vortex”, that to his surprise is not a film of nature or animals, but a giallo movie of a whole sect of witches that after being slaughtered, come to revenge from their graves. The problem is not only the language barrier, but also the working ethics and the context of making a film like this for our poor Quilderoy, who can not take all this at once. The unsettled payment, crazy director and screaming Italian women in the studio is too much, Quilderoy wants to quit, but the music keeps on playing...


“Berberian Soundstudio” is a movie for a film buff, who not only seeks for a well made picture, but to an experience of its own. 


Length 1h 32'
Language English, Italian
Subtitles ENG
Programme Main Programme
Genre thriller

Fri, 26.04.

21:00 - Big Hall

Introduction by foley artist Heikki Koski