Blood C: The Last Dark

Blood C: The Last Dark / Japan, 2012
Dir: Naoyoshi Shiotani



 As she does every night, Mana takes the subway. But on this occasion there is something different, a very tense atmosphere. Suddenly, one of the passengers changes into a bloodthirsty monster, unleashing panic in the car. But there is one person who remains unperturbed; a young woman unsheathes an enormous sword and takes on the creature...

Those familiar with anime will have easily recognized the characteristics of the universe created in “Blood: The Last Vampire”. BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK takes all of these elements to unprecedented levels of spectacularity, examining the saga’s characters in detail while broadening their horizons. And all this, of course, splattered with jets of blood.

An iconic anime character, an epic and expanding legend, top-notch creative and technical talent – and a surprising new twist. It all adds up to the thrilling animated feature film BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK. Be sure to wear something that doesn’t stain easy. – Rupert Bottenberg, Fantasia Filmfest


Length 1h 47'
Language Japanese
Subtitles ENG
Programme Main Programme
Genre horror, fantasy

Fri, 26.04.

17:00 - Big Hall