Fridge / Philippines, 2012
Dir: Rico Maria Ilarde



Several years ago, Tina was sent away to the United States to live with her aunt because of a tragic and horrific incident involving her parents kept as an embarrassing family secret and never adequately explained to her. Grown up and in need of a fresh start to her life, she moves back to the Philippines and into their old home. Unfortunately for her, she’s not alone in the house. The kitchen is home to a demonically possessed, human-eating refrigerator. Tina must dig into her hidden past to discover the truth about what really happened to her parents, and to somehow find a way to defeat the infernal appliance before it is too late.
This film is a remake of 1984 film “Shake, Rattle & Roll”.


Length 1h 30'
Language Thagalog
Subtitles ENG
Programme Main Programme
Genre horror, comedy

Thu, 25.04.

22:00 - Big Hall