Sawney: Flesh of Man

Sawney: Flesh of Man / UK, 2012
Dir: Ricky Wood



„An insane amount of blood... if you have got a weak stomach ... STAY AWAY!“, Frightfest 2012

Legendary cannibal Sawney Bean stalks the cities of Scotland, abducting unholy souls for his communion of flesh. His insane family of inbred killers drag their victims to Sawney’s lair in the hills where they are fed to a chained beast in the cellar. A frustrated police inspector is under great pressure to catch Sawney but is hindered by a journalist who decides to investigate the heinous crimes on his own with disastrous results.

Based on a Scottish legend that inspired Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Sawney: Flesh of Man” is Ricky Wood’s first long feature film after his short feature “Forgotten”, that earned him a nomination for the Scottish BAFTA New Talent Award for Directing.


Length 1h 30'
Language English
Programme Main Programme
Genre horror

Fri, 26.04.

00:30 - Small Hall