The Body

El Cuerpo / Spain, 2012
Dir: Oriol Paulo



The newcomer director Oriol Paulo well budgeted first feature film “The Body” is from a scriptwriter the genre fans might already know for “Julia’s Eyes”, who now has stepped behind the camera, together with one of the leading actresses from Spain, also known to genre fans – Belén Rueda (“The Orphanage”, “Julia’s Eyes”), who in “The Body” is Mayka Villaverde – a beautiful heiress and businesswoman.

The story of the film goes around, like the titles says, “a body” – as one night the body of Mayka is stolen from the local morgue. Straight to the morgue for interrogation is brought her husband Alex (Hugo Silva), who sitting together with the old, well experienced detective Jaime Pena (Jose Coronado) tends to loose his temper, whilst the detective is sure, that Alex is guilty. As for Alex, but also for the detective, the story starts to bring in twists, both of the men can not see coming, jet by the end we know – one of the men saw it coming.

“The Body” is definately a strong directorial debut, where the story that enrolls overnight, is made with tension that makes your stomach ache and feels almost real time and the beautiful cinematography of the film is just a cherry to top the cake, that every HOFF fan, who likes thrillers, would keep in mind as proper desert at the festival.


Length 1h 47'
Language Spanish
Subtitles ENG
Cast Belén Rueda, Hugo Silva, Aura Garrido
Programme Main Programme
Genre thriller

Sat, 27.04.

14:15 - Big Hall