The Complex

Kuroyuri Danchi / Japan, 2013
Dir: Hideo Nakata



Believe or not, but loneliness and seclusion are one of the biggest societal problems of contemporary Japan. Thus not too rare are cases when the horrors of solitude suddenly become reality – youngsters enclosed to their rooms starve to death as their partners caring for “privacy” witness in ignorance. Elders die in desolation, abandoned and unnoticed by their siblings until their decomposing bodies are discovered days later. “The Complex” – a chilling ghost horror from Hideo Nakata, the pioneer of Japanese new wave shockers and the cult classic “The Ringu”, draws exactly inspiration from these horrors of everyday – the solitude, seclusion and lonesomeness of contemporary Japan.

It is customary when moving to a new residence to pay a visit to one’s neighbors to hand over a token of gratitude with a small gift wishing for their benevolence in the future. A young medical student Asuka Nanomiya, who has recently moved to an old living complex with her parents and toddler brother is exactly supposed ask for that. But seemingly without result… as the door remains shut and neighbors silent. But when at night Asuka is haunted by strange and hollowing scratching behind the wall of her bedroom, and in the morning her parents are strangely ignorant of the girl’s distress, it becomes clear that the housing complex has some dark secrets to hide.

THE COMPLEX, starring the former lead of Japan’s J-Pop miracle-come-factory AKB48, tries to resurrect the recently hibernating J-Horror genre and does that with chilling elegance. One finds plenty of Nakata’s and J-Horrors trademarks from a fractioned storyline stitching itself together piece by piece, darkly hollow hallways, decomposing apartments, eerie sounds resonating at the edges of consciousness, and of course powers that one should certainly left untouched. If J-Horror has awaken – will be decided by you – but one thing is for sure – noises from the next door won’t leave you calm any more.


Sten Saluveer


Length 1h 46'
Language Japanese
Subtitles ENG
Programme Main Programme
Genre horror, thriller

Sun, 28.04.

14:00 - Big Hall