Maniac / France, 2012
Dir: Franck Khalfoun



Elijah Wood, an actor known to the whole film world, stars in “Maniac” as an expressive and creepy serial killer Frank. Frank lives in his mothers old warehouse full on mannequins, running a little shop, where he renovates and keeps the mannequins in order. You can not really say, that the mannequins would be his hobby, as they rather are a psychological trauma, related to grim memories of his childhood. He does have hobbies, like the one where he stalks ladies in the darker streets of L.A, capturing and scalping them, like he says himself “Did you know, the the part that lasts the longest of a human, is her hair?”. Traumatized, when he was young, Frank now keeps making his creepy delusions into real life, until he meets beautiful Anna (Nora Arnezeder) who is fascinated by his shop and mannequins. They are about to become friends and one might think for a moment, that Anna is the savior for Frank, but the answer to this is simple – its not that film.

The original “Maniac”, an VHS cult classic from the 1980ies by William Lustiger, is now remade in the hands of scriptwriter Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension) and unknown director Franck Khalfounist, who soon enough will be back on the scene, as “Maniac” is dark and grim, effective picture, where half of the film is shot in the killers POV, adding the value of being intestine-squishingly horrible.


Length 1h 30'
Language English
Subtitles EST , RUS
Programme Opening Film
Genre horror, thriller

Thu, 25.04.

19:30 - Big Hall